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Internet Jetset is owned by John Crestani, who is a popular personality in affiliate marketing. Other affiliate marketing products owned by him are Super Affiliate System and Nutryst.

What is Internet Jetset

Internet Jetset is a method to make money online. A Facebook account, Amazon access and a Paypal account are the only requirements to make money through this. To earn money, you have to download the program first and then follow certain steps. Click here to learn more about the amount of money you can earn and other details. This program requires you to be in front of your computer for minimum one hour every day. According to, there are a lot of people who are making use of affiliate marketing programs to make money.

About John Crestani

John Crestani started with nothing but within a short time, he earned a lot from affiliate marketing. He could do it, and he wants others to benefit from affiliate marketing too. This thought was the guiding factor behind the development of this program. According to John Crestani, earning through this program do not require a complex website or a lot of effort. You can use any platform for the marketing campaign. Once marketing campaign is successfully set up, you just have to monitor the money.

Internet Jetset- Requirements

As already mentioned, Internet Jetset works in connection with Your earning depends on your conversion rates and the number of products bought from Amazon through your marketing platform. The purchase of the program requires $47. A computer and internet connection are mandatory.


· Consists of videos having interviews, case studies, etc.
· Fast profit by combining Amazon and Facebook
· Very fast in case of earning money (First earning start within 2 hours of joining)
· Free web traffic provided by Google
· Keyword tricks given by John Crestani
· Use of Google’s Keyword Planner
· Gives details about affiliate networks which pay highly and instructions about joining them
· Prevents loss of focus of the online business owners.

What do the Internet Jetset videos include?

There are ten videos in total. Let us see what each one deals with.

The first video includes an interview with Ronnie Sandlin, a successful affiliate who describes in detail about how to effectively use headlines and how he makes money using Facebook blog posts. The interviewee in the second video is Taylor Barr, and he explains about earning a huge sum of money within a month. The third video is Crestani classes about selling skin care products online. Fourth, seventh and tenth videos are all interviews of successful affiliate marketers. The fifth video is Crestani classes about promoting gold investments via Google. The sixth video is another marketing class where the products are blood pressure supplements. In the eighth video, Crestani gives lessons on the right way to market various offers with the help of blog posts. The ninth video includes a copywriting template which can be used to lure people to buy.

Read reviews to know more about Internet Jetset! It is not a scam, and you can earn some real money if used rightly.

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